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Building and Contents Insurance-What and Why?

Building and contents insurance is, as the name suggests, the insurance of your residential building and the items contained within it.

The building side of the insurance covers the main structure of your home-the walls, the windows, the paintwork for instance, as well as permanent fixtures such as wardrobes, the bath, sinks and taps. The contents side covers your possessions, for example your television and computer, your CD player-items you would take with you if you moved house.

Building and Contents Insurance-What and Why?

A common building and content insurance policy tends to cover you against the following, for more in depth details about policies and what is covered then head check out HBF building and contents insurance:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Storms
  • Subsidence
  • Vandalism
  • Escape of Water
  • Falling Trees and Aerials
  • Impact from vehicles

As you can see from that none too short list, there are things that can happen to your building that can cause very expensive damages-and in hot countries such as Australia, storms and floods are a real possibility. Of course in such events, the main priority is human safety, but once you’ve gotten over the initial blow, there’s the decimation of the house to deal with. Someone who is uninsured will find themselves in a terrible mess and extremely out of pocket. On the other hand, someone who has invested in insurance is able have their home rebuilt without having to suffer a huge financial blow.

A lot of people tend to turn a blind eye to the importance of insurance. The feeling is usually “there’s about a one percent chance that my house will burn down or there’ll be a flood, is there any point paying for something I most likely won’t need?” which is a very understandable way of thinking-after all for most of us finances are tight. But even a mere one percent chance is still a chance, and should you be the unfortunate victim of damage to your home, you will be extremely glad to have made the investment. Insuring your home is arguably one of the first things you should do upon completing the buying process.

As one of the leading insurance providers in western Australia, HBF is definitely the place to go if you take the decision to invest in home insurance. Why not have a look and see what they have to offer, and find a quote that suits your needs? Of course hopefully it won’t need to be relied upon but it’s always useful to know you’re well prepared should anything go awry.