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Watch Outs When Booking a Campsite for Your Family 

When you are looking to book a campsite for a family camping trip then there are some things which you need to watch out for, which could potentially ruin or diminish how much you enjoy your time. My family and I normally take a camping trip to Cornwall each year and whilst we now know the best campsites in Cornwall, it has been a case of trial and error over the last few years. In Cornwall campsites are plentiful but not all are as great as the rest, and this is the same in many areas of the UK. To ensure that you get the perfect campsite for your family, here are some things which you should watch out for when booking. 

Family Friendly 

It may sound very obvious but don’t assume that all campsites are going to be family friendly, because they are not all geared up for people with kids. For example we went to a campsite some years ago which had loads of kids activities but didn’t actually specify that it was family friendly. I booked up because of how it looked yet we weren’t aware, or I at least hadn’t seen, that there were two bars and a club on-site, which played loud music into the night. We managed to change eventually but the key to remember here is to ensure that the site actually touts itself as being family friendly. 


Pay particular attention to how much space the campsite has and what its capacity is, you’ll find this information on their website. The reason for this is that there are many sites which simply try to pack in as many visitors as possible and that can often give you little space in and around your tent area. If you can’t find this information then be sure to check out the reviews which people have left, because many are vociferous about the space situation. 


If you are looking for an adult campsite where you entertain yourself then that is fine but if you are going away with kids you at least want to ensure that the campsite offers plenty of activities. Failing this you need to ensure that at the very least the campsite is close to some places where the kids can enjoy some outdoors activities. 


Being remote is part and parcel of what you are looking for but that doesn’t mean that you should be absolutely miles away from civilization. A couple of years ago my daughter took ill whilst we were on a camping trip in Yorkshire, and the nearest hospital was almost an hour and a half away. I had never considered this before the event took place, but now that it has happened once I won’t be allowing that to happen again. Things happen when you least expect them to which is why you should ensure that your campsite is relatively close to the amenities which you may need.