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Xmas on a budget

We all love Christmas and the feeling of good will and exhilaration that comes with it. However, it is a period where people throw caution to the wind while spending, which can mean a miserable January. This infographic educates you on what you can do to save yourself some money. Here are some of the highlights.

Instead of going to the shops to spend on pre-made decorations, you can buy most of the items used in making them and create your own. The fun that you and your family have doing this, and the truly personalised Christmas look you create, will make you feel proud. You will also save yourself money if you shop for items well before the Christmas Rush kicks in.

You should give gift items that are well within your financial capacity. It is easy to overspend when buying for loved ones, but they will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you give them something personal, however small. Online shops will also offer you better deals and saves you the time of going down to the shops. Think about getting a few items from the same online retailer, to save on delivery costs. Check out auction sites. Try shopping comparison engines.

Food and drink are a big part of Christmas, and can be a big expense. The infographic advises that you put all your coupons and bonus points to good use at this time.   Also, do not buy your turkey early as shops are known for their price reductions on Christmas Eve. Check that there are plenty of Turkeys left though, as you don’t want to be left with no Turkeys available and a Christmas meal to prepare for an expectant crowd of your family.

Some of the items for Christmas day are non-perishable. They can be bought well in advance, before you start having to pay premium prices for them. Plan your shopping so that you get deals for everything you can. Don’t just look for cheap prices though; cheap and nasty is no good. Look for value for money!


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