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Easter on a Budget

Spring is upon us, with the biggest and most important Christian holiday – Easter – just around the corner. Although Easter does not involve expensive gifts as Christmas does, it can be a burdensome time for our wallets – and when our budget is just as limited as in the other times of the year, saving the most we can is an obvious choice for this cheerful time. Here are some tips to start.


1. Dyeing eggs DIY

Egg dye might not be the most expensive part of the Easter preparations, but why spend money on it if you have great – and non-toxic – alternatives for it in your home. The secret – onion peel, nature’s unexpected and low budget alternative.

All you need to do is peel a few onions, put the peel in the eggs’ cooking water and boil them for at least 15 minutes. The result will be a bunch of nice, red-brown eggs, completely natural and safe to eat. Covering the eggs in a rag before boiling will add them an interesting and unique texture. For an extra nice effect you can stick various leaves or flowers to the egg before boiling (use an old pantyhose, the lower denier the better, to fix the leaves in place) and their silhouette will end up being imprinted on the surface of the egg. Use some oil to make them shiny.

2. DIY Easter decorations

Easter is a very happy holiday for children – school is usually out for the celebration, so they have time to play outdoors after a long and cold winter (sometimes for the first time in the year). You can add to the cheer of Easter by decorating your house and the dinner table using materials easy to come by instead of buying them (especially because most items you can buy are made of cheap plastic, which is not exactly an environment friendly choice).

You can use crayons, cardboard and paper to make easy and nice Easter cards, including your children in your effort – they can draw bunnies, chicken and eggs on pieces of paper, cut them out and hang them around the house. Your Easter eggs can be stored in an old wicker basket filled halfway with fresh green grass (looks amazing), and for a table decoration you can use branches, feathers and whatever you can find, combined in a way to express the freshness and new life of the spring. Don’t forget to add dyed eggs to the composition.

The eggs you use for decorating don’t have to be boiled – you can puncture them on both ends, blow out the content and use the shells for decoration (and the eggs themselves for tasty dessert for your Easter dinner).

With these tricks you won’t just save a few bucks, but you will have lots of fun with your family, too – and you can also save the time needed to decide which decoration will fit your needs, time that you can spend as you wish – you can even play the best online table games games at red flush online casino or whatever you want.