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Essential Factors to Watch Out for when Having a Banner Made

Today, you have a plethora of options to choose from when you opt to buy a banner or have one made. And whilst there is not that big a difference between one banner printer and specialist to another, there are still some aspects that may separate the superior printers from the rest. With this in mind, here is a list of some essential factors you should watch out for when buying a banner or having it custom-made:

The quality of the banner’s construction

Whilst it is easy to pay attention to the banner’s size, its graphics and images, its text, its colours, and the like, we may fail to consider one other essential quality: the built of the banner. Keep in mind that a cheaper banner system or service may present you with issues regarding the stability of your banner. The entire point to having a banner is to have it seen – and if you are going to have issues with setting it up from the beginning, then you may as well have no banner at all.

You wouldn’t want a banner that looks as if it might fall forward at any time once it is set up. Whilst most banner printers and developers would combat this awkward look with support legs, there are banner specialists who will build the banner with stronger and tougher materials in the first place so it does not even have to be augmented by support legs.

The point is this: if you can afford better quality, then do so. By opting for a more expensive system, you are assured of better quality, with banners that can stand well on their own, last longer, and endure wear and tear better as well.

The quality of the graphics

As mentioned above, the banner’s graphics play a big role in its effectiveness and the impression or message you would like to give as well. One of the more common problems when it comes to graphics is something called ‘banding’. ‘Banding’ is when you can see unsightly (and sometimes ugly) ink swaths on the print, caused by the print head being laid down on each particular pass. There are a few other causes for ‘banding’, such as a banner’s graphic that has been printed too fast, which means that the ink being laid down on the surface is still wet, or the printer being too cold (or too hot). Another cause for ‘banding’ is when the material’s advancement (how much the material moves after each separate pass) is not set correctly, which causes darker or faded lines.

The general aesthetics of the banner

The rule of thumb in banner printing is quite simple: if a system is expensive, the end product – the banner – will look expensive as well. If you can, opt for higher-end banners with no visible support legs or struts, since they look more elegant and stylish and sturdier as well. If you opt for a cheaper banner printing and developing system, then your banner may simply look like one of the many out there, with a basic design that can be difficult to distinguish from the rest.

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