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Have You Considered Outsourcing Your Payroll?

When you discover that it’s possible to manage your payroll at a much lower cost than using your own staff, you should consider outsourcing your payroll duties to a team of payroll specialists. They can fully manage your entire payroll requirements or perform just a few of the parts of your payroll needs until you can afford additional services. The size of your business doesn’t matter and if you choose the right outsourced payroll team you can expect the same quality service that larger businesses enjoy. Could outsourcing payroll tasks benefit your company?


What do services include?

Think about all of the time that you or a staff member spends on preparing and delivering your payroll. Could you outsource some of these duties so that you can use your business day more wisely? What are some of the services that are available to you? An excellent resource that you can use to explore your options is the website . Some of the options available are:

  • RTI submissions
  • Auto enrolment guidance and reporting
  • Generation and delivery of payslips, either printed or electronic
  • BACS management
  • Tailored reports for your investors
  • Data export and file transfer

How do you transfer data?

The team at believes that this is one of the most crucial steps in the process of outsourcing payroll. Will you do data transfers by email, electronically, or by post or fax? You must make the decision with your payroll agency as to how this sensitive data will be transferred without any breach in security. Have the employees who will be working with your data been trained on how to work with incoming data accurately and were they vetted carefully before being hired?

What other business requirements will you need?

Once the payslips have been generated and sent to your employees, will you have other business needs that help you to manage your payroll effectively? Ask outsourced payroll professionals about some of the following and if they can handle these for you.

  • All current and yearly payroll information
  • Summary details of the data that you have submitted to them. This can include PAYE, SMP, NIC, RTI, and SSP.
  • P45s for your employees who are leaving your company
  • Management of BACS payments
  • Continual guidance and advice

How can you expedite the process?

In order for your payslips to be generated on time each pay period and for your reports to be submitted before the penalty deadline you must do your part to submit the information required by the outsourcing payroll specialists on time. Make sure that you understand how much time they need to compile the reports so that you can send the necessary data to them before the deadline. You must give your professionals time to do their calculations, to make any changes due to legislation, and check their work for any errors. If you work diligently with your payroll team you can successfully expedite the process and have the payroll results desired.

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