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Best business decisions from leading entrepreneurs

We’ve all dreamt of running our own business, becoming successful in our own right, driving nice cars, taking luxury cruises and commanding respect from both the business world and the rest of the world. But how do we get there?

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Daydreaming certainly isn’t the path to success. Every single successful businessperson has had to work hard, face failure, take risks and delve into the unknown before they could truly count themselves as a fully-fledged business success.

So whether you want to run a chain of coffee shops, buy and sell property, start an airline or build a casino, you can use examples of the people who blazed the trail before you, learn from their mistakes and successes all in a bid to become successful yourself.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, check out these best business decisions from leading entrepreneurs from around the world:

Richard Branson

Self-starter Richard Branson has got his finger in so many successful pies it’s tough to pigeon hole him in one industry. His conglomerate, Virgin, owns hundreds of companies ranging from airlines to soft drinks producers.

His biggest piece of advice? “Don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it”. Branson goes on to stress that chasing money isn’t the key to success, chasing your passion is. From there, everything is possible.

Warren Buffet

The world’s most famous investor doesn’t hog the limelight. But when you’ve been generating 25% returns for 25+ years, it’s going to come to you. Buffet’s advice is inspiring in it’s simplicity and it’s inclusivity – “You don’t need to be an expert to be successful”. Buffest maintains that a simple understanding of any business mechanisms will hold you in good stead. Read up on your industry, grasp the main concepts and run with it.

Francesco Corallo

Philanthropist and gaming magnate Francesco Corallo has lived a very interesting life. The Dutch-Italian entrepreneur believes in using one’s wealth and power in a bid to change the world for the good. Since amassing his fortune he has worked heavily with the Bill Clinton Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco foundation.

Corallo also recommends surrounding yourself with good people, citing his wife as a perfect example. A national geographic photographer, she works extensively with charities in the Americas, further stretching Corallo’s philanthropic work.

Mark Zuckerberg

Arguably the world’s most famous man, Facebook has changed the landscape of social media forever. So having shaped the entire world’s online lifestyle, what advice does Zuckerberg have for others? “Explore what you want before committing. Be flexible”. Zuckerberg goes on to discuss how revenue models and business practices that you were sure of will change in front of your eyes, be open to that and move forward.

If these four guys can do it, then (according to them), we can too. With some well-researched hard work, and a touch of passion you could be the next guy on the list. Good luck!