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Event planning made easy!

I am sure that nearly everyone has been invited to a conference or corporate event at least once during their working lives, it could have been for your company or even your partner’s. Events are being given much more importance these days as it gives businesses a great opportunity to showcase their latest product, engage in corporate social responsibility, build their brand and impress share holders. With such importance being given it means that there is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of those that have to plane the events, if you are given the task of conference management by the boss then you know that you have to go above and beyond what is expected of you.


Here are some very simple tips to help you along the way whilst you are planning your event. At first it can seem like a big mountain to climb but if you read the list below you will feel a lot more relaxed about the whole process.

Identify your objective

This is the first thing you need to decide, what do you want to achieve? Your whole plan has to be focussed around what your company wants to gain from the event, you will be spending company funds so the result needs to achieved!

Set out a schedule

You need to create a flow chart of the deadline for each task to be completed, drawing this up will help you no end! It means that the different members of your team know when they have to complete each individual task by and also it will clearly define their roles.

Choose a venue

The venue you choose is important because having the right space can change the whole feel of your event. Start booking viewings as soon as possible, do not go with the first one you see no matter how good it is because you need to get a good idea of what is on offer. You need to make sure that you ask the important questions when you book; can you bring decorations with you? Is cutlery and other items provided? Until what time will you be allowed to stay in the venue? All of these are important and should not be ignored.

Food and beverage

Guests always like to eat tasty treats and sip on nice drinks. So sit down with your team and see what type of food your budget allows, is a buffet the most cost effective way to go or will you have a sit down meal? If your budget is tight then you may consider only serving a few different types of free drinks, if your venue has a bar then guests can always purchase other drinks.